CS 373: Week 5

What did you do this past week?

Finished the Netflix assignment! Or at least, to the best of my abilities and I still had to turn it in late. Some of the caches made by my classmates were invaluable to getting the final product out, so thank y’all for that! Wished I worked with someone, so there is that for a piece of advice.

What’s in your way?

Finding the motivation to do these assignments at a regular, well-paced schedule. Ran into too many problems last minute, but I should know better by now!

What will you do next week?

Study hard and study early for the test for the first test of this class coming up in two weeks. Definitely nervous about it if it is more like the daily quizzes in class since I have not been doing as well with those as I would like. On the other hand, it might make things easier to study if it just means looking over the assigned readings and the code examples from class.

What’s my experience of the class?

The Netflix assignment was definitely harder in the sense that there was more work to be done before I even got to the “solution” portion of the code. There was almost nothing in terms of code given to us by Downing this time around, so I felt a bit frustrated spending so much time messing around the makefile, for example.

What’s my pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

Thinking of picking up another programming language so your resume looks better? According to this article, Perl, Python and SQL are currently the languages that popped up most in job listings. Interestingly, Python is number 3 on the list, but maybe it is not a coincidence that we have been using it for this class.


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